Thursday, March 20, 2008

A really nice day

We've been having some terrible wind and storms the past few days and today was finally a nice day. Husband wanted to go fishing, if you will remember from previous posts he never catches any fish, when we were living up north he averaged one fish per year. He called me once he got situated and ask if I'd bring him lunch, he had been out maybe an hour and had already caught one fish. I stayed on the beach with him for about an hour and he caught three during that time, he ended up with a total of five he was so excited.
He's having a hard time getting the hook out of it's mouth.
After I left the beach I headed over to Sandy's, she was going with me to get my hair cut - I was using her girl. We chatted a while then headed out for my haircut, first of all I really liked the girl - and loved the feel of my hair after she cut (really trimmed) it. She suggested a product to put on while wet that will help the dry feel. She cut about two inches and trimmed some of the layers, I'm going for a bob but I need to let some of the layers grow out. She really did cut a lot off even though this doesn't look like it. Notice how pretty the backdrop is, this is across the street from Sandy's.

When I got home husband already had some fish on the grill, we ate so fast I forgot to take pictures but trust me that was some of the best fish I've eaten.


rpm said...

Your hair looks great! She really does good work and is so nice. I'm glad you liked her, too. Today was so beautiful. I love seeing the pictures of your husband fishing at the beach. I know that fish had to have been fresh.

Wendy said...

Fresh fish...yummy:) Your hair looks so healthy and shiny!!

girlville said...

the beach looks so inviting. i would have loved some of that fish! you are right, it hardly looks like she cut any of your hair. it does look very shiny and healthy though.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

That's a very pretty fish. Your hair looks nice!

Pam said...

Yourhair looks great!

I bet the fresh fish was wonderful. I've only recently started eating fish (use to not be able to stand the thought of it), and I can't seem to get enough of it.

Guilty Secret said...

Your hair looks great, the place looks beautiful, the fish sounds delicious... no wonder you called this post "a really nice day" :-D