Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nothing as planned

I've done nothing I planned on doing this weekend. We didn't go to the race track on Friday night, Shane had practice and by the time he was finished it was 8:00 so we just came home ate and watched TV.

Saturday my plan was to go to the beach, the weatherman promised such a beautiful day! When we got up it was cloudy and very windy, we waited around thinking it would blow over but it stayed cloudy and foggy all day. As strong as the winds were it wouldn't have made a great beach day, I don't enjoy having sand blown all over me. I just ran a few errands and that was about it for the day.

Today was much better all around. I told Sandy I wanted to try her church out so me and Shane met her this morning for church and afterwards we went to lunch. I have to say we enjoyed the church service, even Shane who usually looks at his watch a 100 times during the service didn't even look at his watch! We decided on a bbq place which was named Shane, how could I not want to go there - also Aunt Sue was with us. This is my lunch, bbq chicken, green beans, and brunswick stew (very good).
After we got home I decided to sit outside and soak up a little sun while reading some magazines. I finished up some laundry which is constant at my house and watched some of the race. Rest of the day will be spent doing nothing!


Pugalicious said...

*jealous* with soaking up sun, its been dreary here was going to walk but decided not too it looked like it was going to rain like cats and dogs.. yuk.. so far nothing productive for me going on just yet

girlville said...

that's great that you were able to go to church with sandy and aunt sue and then to lunch. wish i were there! it was a bit chilly here today and yesterday we had severe thunderstorms so i've been inside all weekend.

rpm said...

I really enjoyed you come to church and going to Shane's BBQ. I hope y'all come over again. Next time we can try the other BBQ place that has good chicken. It was such a beautiful day today. I hope this week is the same way and that you get out to the beach!

AM said...

I love that picture of you and Sandy! Sandy- you look great!!!

And that lunch looks yummy. Glad you got to go to church with Sandy and Aunt Sue and that Shane enjoyed it!

Pam said...

How nice that your were able to visit with Sandy at the church she attends.
Goodness, that Brunswick stew looks so good.
Great photo of both of you!

Sarah G. said...

Sorry to hear that you missed the beach!

That BBQ place looks good. I love BBQ!!

♥PugPosse♥ said... are wearing that new Blouse you bought back a few weeks ago! Looks nice!