Thursday, January 3, 2008

On the road again

I've had a great week with my family but it's time to go back to Florida for a little while, thank goodness I only have a 2.5 hour drive. I can't believe how cold it's been here, I think some of that cold weather got stuck in my car on the drive down. The good news is it never last very long, hopefully by the weekend I'll be back in those capris! This icicle was coming out of the hose this morning.

This is my brother and niece and Jazz one day this week.


girlville said...

that sofa looks just like the one i have in our bonus room!

rpm said...

It's so good to see your brother and niece and Jazzy. I wish Nyla was with you so I could see her.

Wendy said...

wow! It is cold there huh? Just be thankful that you left before this arctic freeze came in:) It's -4 according to my computer right now!! BRR!!