Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

Another beautiful day, temps around 70 degrees, slight breeze a perfect day for a little yard work. I'm still working on clearing the shrubs, vines, and limbs away from the fence. My mom always tries to get this done while it's still cool because of snakes, they like things all grown up. Today as I was cutting down limbs I started thinking about those snakes and hoping they wouldn't make an appearance on such a warm afternoon. I've never seen a snake down here and really hope it stays that way.

I don't know when I became so lucky, I won another drawing from Girlville and can't wait to get the berry bowl (that's the prize I really wanted too). I've got to think up some kind of giveaway like she does. It's really a lot of fun and since I've been so lucky I really feel I should so stay tuned for more on my giveaway (it may be a little while but it's coming).


♥ Em said...

Wow, your so lucky! I have visited her blog.. she is so creative!!!!

I never win anything!

girlville said...

if i was doing yard work and a snake were to pop up - it'd be all over for me! a giveaway...i cannot wait!

Pugalicious said...

you are truly gifted to that gift.. how lucky.. its gorgeous here too

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh My Gosh...I wish I could be out racking and gardening...Maybe I will fly down and help you out! I need to get out of New England for awhile! More snow coming in tonight. 9-12 inches! no snakes here!