Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wonderful Christmas - part 1

We had a wonderful Christmas last night, I'll load the pictures later today. It was a little different because we had it at night but we pretended it was morning. Santa always leaves a few gifts unwrapped so he left them early for Shane. We had our usual Christmas music in the background so it really did feel like Christmas morning and we were both tired from getting up so early. My husband was a little sad because we will be leaving very soon. I'm going to go ahead and take the tree down tomorrow, this way everything will be put up in the right place, he's never taken the tree down and all the decorations so it will be better that I do it.

This morning we woke to guess what? more snow! This is our third winter here and it has snowed more in a month than the other two winters combined. I think it's really pretty as it's falling but then you get over really fast, this is will be the last time I see it falling. Since my time here is getting really short I thought I'd make a list of the things I'm going to miss.
~The different seasons, sure I wish summer would have been longer but it was nice to see actual seasons.
~OK I have to admit I will miss the snow - a little.
~My yoga class and instructor, I really hope to find a good class when I get to Florida
~Of course my friends, boss, and my job. Even though I got bored at my job it was great having the flexibility and hours.
~In the spring and summer sitting outside visiting with my girlfriends, playing cards, going to bunco and having our girl's night out.
~Getting to see things I've only read about in history books.
~Seeing all the lighthouses.
~Being able to shop at just about any store you can think of, also being tax free just a few miles up the road.
~The beaches and the sand that doesn't stick to you, and the beautiful clear but very cold water.
I'm sure there will be other things, I will miss you New England!


♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh So sad to hear what you will miss...but it is what you have wanting for a long time now...just like what your Banner says..."Southern girl traveling and trying to get back to the south" I will be so happy once all of you are all together again...besides now you can enjoy Christmas with Cole and your Mom and Dad. Such a warm feeling.
I will pack the snow in a cooler for you for thoes days you miss it...

rpm said...

I'm so glad to see what you will miss. I think it is so neat that you got to experience New England right up there in the thick of it! You've been from Hawaii to New England (not to mention the other places) and you've seen so much that many of us will never get to see! I know you will miss your friends. It sounds like a great time you all had sitting outside and playing bunco and all. I'm so glad you will be back here!! (even if just for a little while)

Pam said...

You can pack some of that snow up in coolers and drop some off to your Southern friends on your way South! lol!

girlville said...

good luck with your travels! i will be thinking of y'all as you drive south. toot the horn when you go thru nc and i'll wave at ya!

once you get to florida i bet you forget all about the snow, lol.

Mrs. D said...

I agree with'll hit that Florida sun and there will be no going back!

Be safe and Merry Christmas!