Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recap and a little bit more

First of all, thank you Lisa for the framed photo of us in Charlotte, it's in a very special place.

Thursday we had a pretty good snow storm almost a foot of snow where I live. I was glad when my husband got home so he could continue shoveling. Our next door neighbor has a snow blower but they were in Vermont. The one good thing was the snow was very light and fluffy so it's wasn't hard shoveling. I don't know how my husband does it with his back but he does a great job making sure we are able to get to our car and get it out of the driveway.

Saturday we went shopping and I think we are finished. We are having our Christmas on Wednesday with husband before we leave. He will save a couple of things to open on Tuesday and we will take a few things from him to open with us. We did this a couple of years ago when he went to Iraq at least we will all be safe and in this country. I've even wrapped all my presents, usually I end up doing a lot of it on Christmas Eve.

Today we had another snow storm, we ended up with about 8 inches. Husband was really glad our snow blower neighbor was home. He of course was out helping him but it was nice to have the blower. He's out right now making sure I will be able to get my car out of the driveway because it will be so much ice in the morning.

So I've done nothing to prepare for our move, I've checked the routes on map quest but other than that nothing. I think I'll probably get into panic mode tomorrow. So much stuff to do in so little time. The only thing me and Shane will be taking is our clothes but it will be almost all our clothes and of course Jazz will go with us. I've made up a list of places I need to go, medical records, prescriptions, pet records, orthodontist/dentist records, school records - hopefully by mid week everything will be checked off my list. But for now I'm going to drink my tea and watch the season finale of Surv*or.


♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh My Gosh. You have a lot on your plate! so much to do and think about before you leave. I wish I lived closer to help you out. we never did get the chance to meet up at the mall... Bummer :(
I bet you wont mind leaving behind all this snow!
Oh and by the way you are welcome for the picture!

rpm said...

All the time you've waited for an answer and now the last week is here! Wow! Sure is cold up there this morning!! It's in the 30s here!! You know that's kind of chilly here. Should get up in the high 50s today...I love it.

Punchbugpug said...

At least you will be escaping the snow!!! At least you know that you don't have to do all that packing! I'm sure you are very organized at all this with all your moves!!! Can you put some snow in a cooler to take to Sandy?

Pam said...

I was thinking of all you folks in the Northeast getting all that snow. WOW. Moving is always so stressful but I'm sure everything is gonna work out smoothly for you guys. I know you are ready for some warmer weather and get away from all the snow.

girlville said...

i know you are so glad to be leaving all that snow. if we had that there would be no going to work! i cannot belive y'all have to go to work in all that. can you stop by here on your way to florida and bring me some of it?