Saturday, November 10, 2007


The meme everyone is doing.
1. What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now? oil of olay for me and lever for husband
2. Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator? not this time of year
3. What would you change about your living room? everything - just can't wait to have my own
4. Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? dirty
5. What is in your fridge? not too much, I need to go to the store
6. White or wheat bread? always wheat
7. What is on top of your refrigerator? a basket with bread, a basket with meds, and a basket that husbands puts change and keys in
8. What color or design is on your shower curtain? beige, green and purple
9. How many plants are in your home? zero
10. Is your bed made right now? always
11. Comet or Soft Scrub? comet
12. Is your closet organized? again always - I can't help it!
13. Can you describe your flashlight? very large shiny and blue
14. Do you drink out of glass or plastic more at home? insulated plastic
15. Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now? yes, but only for husband I'm enjoying hot tea now
16. If you have garage, is it cluttered? husband has the same sickness as I do, everything must be organized
17. Curtains or blinds? both
18. How many pillows do you sleep with? 1
19. Do you sleep with any lights on at night? no
20. How often do you vacuum? usually once a week - should be more
21. Standard toothbrush or electric? electric
22. What color is your toothbrush? white
23. Do you have welcome mat on your front porch? yes
24. What is in your oven right now? nothing
25. Is there anything under your bed? yes, purses, electric blanket, container with wrapping paper, luggage, I think that's all
26. Chore you hate the most? cleaning the bathroom
27. What retro items are in your home? the whole house - remember I live in base housing!
28. Do you have separate room you use an an office? yes but it is also an exercise room
29. How many mirrors are in your home? 3 (also 3 in the bathrooms)
30. Do you have any hidden emergency money around your home? no, I would just spend it
31. What color are your walls? lots of different colors
32. What does your home smell like right now? depends on the room, I have scented things in the outlets
33. Favorite candle scent? cinnamon
34. What kind of pickles are in your refrigerator right now? plain old hamburger dill
35. Ever been on your roof? no
36. Do you own a stereo? yes
37. How many TV’s do you have? 4
38. How many phones? 5 regular phones, and 3 cells (son and husband)
39. Do you have a housekeeper? me!
40. What style do you decorate in? worldly (from all the places I lived)
41. Do you like solid colors in furniture or prints? usually solid
42. Is there a smoke detector in your home? yes


Sarah G. said...

I've never really thought about it, but the top of the fridge does seem like a good place to keeps medicine.

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Yea! you did this too...lets help other come here and help me with my closet and I will clean your bathroom and vac for you...Deal?

rpm said...

I wish I was organized like you!