Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend recap

First of all it was 26 degrees this morning, 26 degrees!! Anyway, Friday night husband made a fire, we roasted marshmallows and hotdogs. I really enjoy doing this, it beats sitting in the house.

Saturday husband and I went to see Michael Clayton, it's a really good movie just a little different than what I usually see. Of course I could watch Clonney all day long. After the movie we went to the mall then stopped by for an ice cream. Later Shane and I went shopping for him, he really has a hard time finding pants that he likes that fit him so I was thrilled to find 3 pair for him. He needed some long sleeve shirts too, it was a good day for shopping. This is what he got.
Sunday I changed out all my summer clothes for winter ones, apparently just in time with our temps this morning. I finally made it by AT Loft, thanks Pam and Girlville for letting me know you can find some really good deals their. I got a pair of wool pants, blogger wouldn't let me load the picture, but they are really cute and I've got them on today with my boots. After my shopping I cleaned out my flower bed, well attempted with all the leaves falling, it really is hopeless until they are all off the trees. All in all a really nice weekend.


***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** said...

Can you even believe how cold it is out this morning!!! I pulled my winter jacket out of the closet ti wear! Whitney has hers on as well...Brrrrr!
Looks like you made out well shopping!
What a nice idea for having a fire. I bet it was nice with the cool chill in the air....Thanks for the idea! I only think of that during our time at the lake.
Do you have to have a permit for your fire-pot? I know we do....

Pam said...

It's getting cold here too. They are actually calling for a freeze tonight! I think we skipped fall all together.
When you said you were going shopping, I was wondering if you'd make it over to AT Loft. Glad to hear you found some deals. I got a coupon when we were in Charlotte so I hope to get by our this week before it expires.

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

I have been enjoying reading about your blog meet up. I've been reading and commenting to Alfred's Mom and Ragus Pug's Mom for a while now. I scrolled back and saw we were up to the same thing on Oct. 16, 2006. My son Garrett is in his third year at the US Naval Academy and and really miss having him around. Where does the time go? We are CERTAINLY not getting any older! Ha! Ha!
Mom to Two Wild 'N Crazy Guyz

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

Excuse me--I mean't to say Oct. 16, 1986. I'm not getting any older, just losing my mind!

rpm said...

That does sound like a nice weekend. I saw your pants on 365 and they are so pretty. Can you blow the cold here? It's going to get up in the high 70s this week after having been cooler this past week. Did you get any cheese yet?

girlville said...

i spy some camo pants in your son's shopping haul! i love love love camo pants. it was in the low 40s here this morning...but i refused to put on a coat. what happened to fall? last weekend it was 80 something.