Monday, August 13, 2007


We had a very nice beach weekend. That's all we did was go to the beach! Saturday was really great because it wasn't that many people on the beach, I don't know why because it was absolutely gorgeous but we were happy not to have to deal with a big crowd. My neighbors met us out there so we ended up staying most of the day. The water was cold but refreshing.
This is yesterday, there were so many people we could hardly find an empty spot on the beach, once the tide started going out we moved closer to the water which was really nice with the breeze coming off the water. Our neighbors met us out there again so we ended up staying all day again. I didn't get any chores done around the house, I did do laundry last night when we got home so I'll be playing catch up this afternoon but it was worth it to stay out on the beach all day.


rpm said...

Wow, that is a crowded beach! It does look like a nice day. It's amazing how cold the water is up there! The water here is 87 degrees!

Pam said...

Ah...the beach! It looks like it was such a great time to be out there. It sure looked crowded yesterday though. Thw ord must have gotten out. How far do you live from the beach?

girlville said...

that beach is SO crowded! do you step on people trying to get to the water?

.: HappyGirl :. said...

What beach is that?

Hubby and I are headed to Myrtle Beach on Saturday with the family...can't wait!!

Special K ~Toni said...


Why can't I be stationed near a beach? *arms crossed~ stamping feet!*