Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Growing up

I went to a parent breakfast this morning at S’s school and it was very nice. Thank goodness they had a lot of fruit to chose from along with all the pastries which I skipped (pat on the back to me). After yesterday’s post about the eighth grade graduation I think I’m going to be more sentimental than I thought. After listening to the teacher’s this morning it made me realize he’s really growing up (he’s already taller than me) but really growing up. A few things about S – he’s a very kind person, he has great character, he’s very quiet and very reserved, he loves to read, loves to play baseball, he loves to swim (only in pools though) just thought I’d share a few things about him to you.

Yesterday I went to the mall with one of friends and her two children. The kids are really good kids but they are just 3 and 4 years old need I say more. I believe the good Lord new what he was doing when he wanted me to have my children at a younger age! I had forgotten how draining small children can be; remember my youngest is 14 years old so it’s been a while since I’ve shopped with little ones. Usually when we go shopping it’s without her children which is good for my friend. She’s a stay at home mom and earning her Master’s Degree, now I understand why girl’s night out is so important to her. Just wanted to say to all the mom’s out there with small children it gets a lot easier just hang in there.


Military Mommy said...

I can relate - mine are getting ready to turn 4 & 6. It is getting easier though for sure. I guess each stage is bittersweet. You miss parts but you are happy to move on in some ways. :)

Congrats to your little man. What a neat milestone for him.

And also congrats to you! Turning down pastries for fruit is no small feat! Way to go.

Toni said...

Sounds like S is wonderful and you have done a great job!

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Yep..I agree I am glad I had my children young too...My friends are just starting families and my oldest is their babysitter...I tend to forget how hard it is to have a little one at your feet trying to shop......But then again I wish mine were younger at times...Teenagers can be tough! and 9 year olds can be Mouthy! Thanks for Sharing facts on "S" he looks and seems like a Nice young Man...Job Well Done "J" !

rpm said...

I agree that S is very quiet and reserved and I can't believe how much he's grown up since I saw him two years ago! Now, "C" is very outgoing and entertaining and talkative. That is one of my long ago memories of much he would talk while we were on the phone with each other! How did you have two children with different personalities?? Both of them are fine boys and you and your Hubby have done a great job raising them.

AM said...

You're the first person that has told me its gets easier. That's what I like to hear. Not the horror stories about tempertantrums in stores and pre-teens and teen angst etc.