Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flying High!

I took S to the airport this morning for his 6:00 am flight. I'm happy to report I just heard from him and he has landed safely. When we arrived at the airport this morning - very early of course, it was so much confusion and such a crowd at the ticket counter. When we got to the counter I ask for a visitor pass to escort him to his gate. I know S has flown many times but this was his first solo flight so I wanted to be with him - I'm his mother no other explanation needed. The man at the ticket counter said I couldn't get a visitor pass because my name wasn't on the ticket - hello I'm not the one flying! Nothing I could do but wait with him through the security checkpoint and let him go. As he went through the detectors he set them off, he had already emptied his pockets but he kept setting it off. A guy pulled him aside then got that wand thing out to scan over him. I know this is no big deal but seeing my son with his arms and legs spread was kind of a scary thing almost like he was being arrested - OK I know I'm exaggerating but I wanted him to get on the plane which he finally did. The reason he kept going off was the snap on his shorts. So much drama first thing this morning. Anyway he's spending some time with my parents and husbands parents and of course his brother. I'll be joining him in a couple of weeks.

Now the weekend update. Sunday husband had a nice Father's Day. He wanted to go fishing so that's what we did - well him and S anyway I laid out on the beach or what was a beach last summer. Look at all the rocks in these pictures and let me tell you it was so hard walking on them. The weather was really warm so the water didn't feel so cold. They didn't catch anything but we planned ahead so we had already got some fresh salmon and shrimp which we had for dinner - very good. Husband still had to grill it even though it was Father's Day - I would have probably burned everything if I had cooked it on the grill.
Saturday we just went to the same beach we've been going to for a couple of weeks - very nice.


Pam said...

That beach looks so relaxing! Glad to hear S made it safely. I'm not a fan of those very early flights.

girlville said...

you are so lucky to live near a beach! i don't like to fly...i hate you couldn't see him to the gate, he's brave to fly alone...i need companions and meds ;-)

rpm said...

I'm glad S made it to his destination and what a pain to have to go through all that wanding. I think you should have been able to sit with him until he left.

Those rocks look killer! I can't imagine so many rocks in the water like that...especially in the ocean. I think I could understand a lake having rocks more so.

AM said...

Great beach pictures!

I remember when you could just walk to the gates and didnt need a guest pass or anything. That seems so silly!

Military Mommy said...

Sounds like the perfect father's day! Glad it was so enjoyable.

Also glad that S made it safely to his destination. That sounds like a fun time for him and some alone time for you & hubs. Yippee! :)