Friday, May 4, 2007


We don’t really have anything planned this weekend. The weather is supposed to be really nice and it’s warming up. We will go to S’s game tomorrow and Sunday (at least this one starts at 11:15). We are going to a cino de Mayo party on Saturday night (some people my husband works with), it should be a fun time and I’ll get to meet some new people.

I really want to start planting some flowers but we are supposed to wait until May 30 I guess because we could have another cold snap. I’m just itching to get in my garden and of course use my new garden apron RPM sent me for my birthday.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


Military Mommy said...

Have a fun weekend! Enjoy the party - it's sure to be fun. ;)

See you next week,

rpm said...

Well, sounds like a nice weekend up there. You'll have to show us the garden apron when it's on you!! That will be fun to see. You'll look like Martha Stewart...only much prettier!

girlville said...

oooh, i wanna see the garden apron!! i'm itching to plant flowers too...i'm going to do that next weekend. have a great weekend!

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Did miss the post of the Garden Apron? I want to see it!
What do you want to plant?