Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shopping and Baseball

We had to be at the ball park at 7:00 am this morning for baseball pictures and then his game started at 9:00. Way too early for Saturday morning for me. Anyway they won their game but it was a really cold morning. I felt so bad for the kids, me and husband sat in the truck as did a lot of the parents watching the game. I took a couple of pictures although I didn't have my usual camera so they aren't very close up.
S going to bat.
playing right field (most of the kids had their hoodies on) no he's not on a soccer field that is beyond the baseball field.

Friday -
I had a wonderful time shopping in Maine yesterday and so LOVE my new purse. My day started off like any other Friday except I was really excited about going shopping. On the way to work I thought my car sounded kinda funny but just thought maybe I didn't let it warm up long enough. Got to work, we had a client coming in and when he arrived he told me I had a flat tire. My first thought before anything else was I'm not going to be able to go shopping! I called husband and he came to my work (thank goodness I work about 4 miles from home) and he changed the tire and put on the spare. I knew I would need to get the tire repaired before I got on the interstate so I left work a little early, ran home and changed got my friends and off we go to Sears! The guy assured me it would only take 15 minutes to repair the tire - why do I believe these people? Anyway we get there and he looks at the tire and thinks I may have to get another one, we just got this tire about 4 months ago. Thankfully they were able to patch it and he assured me it would be fine. Finally 1 hour later we are ready to begin our little trip. I have one of the girls punch in the address on the GPS to the outlet mall, of course the GPS doesn't like the address so we put in the town name and off we go (I've been there once before but wasn't driving). We do finally get there and I go straight to the Coach store to retrieve my beautiful bag.
We shopped at a couple of more stores, I didn't get anything else since all my money went towards my purse, another big thanks to RPM for my gift card.


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Love your Bag! LoVe it!
All T's practices are in the gym still..her first few games have been games have been cancelled due to all the snow. our field are still under a blanket of snow....
Wow 7am is so early!I was still in Bed!

girlville said...

your purse is very nice! i like coach purses a lot (well not the price ;-0 ). i nearly spit out my coffee when i read 'my first thought...was i'm not going to be able to go shopping'!! i'd of thought the same thing. i hope the weather improves for your son's baseball games!

rpm said...

I love your new purse! You are getting quite a collection of Coaches! They are good quality. I want a GPS thingy just don't want to pay a big price yet. I don't know how to change a flat myself...but I have Triple AAA. Still, that's scary. Glad it didn't keep y'all from going to Maine to go shopping. Do you know how weird that sounds to me??? "Go to MAINE to go shopping" Gee that is like another world. I think of you and Lisa and Punchy way up there and still having snow and it is so foreign to me.

Pugalicious said...

yea thats right nothing will get in the way of the shopping.. I concur with this..