Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Recap

I accomplished everything on my to do list from Friday - well husband and S washed and vacuumed my car. I cleaned the front porch off, didn't realize how dirty it was until I started sweeping. Most of the snow around us has melted so today I'll try sweeping off our walkway - this weekend it was still too wet from melting snow. I'm ready for all the sand to be gone, no matter how hard we wipe our feet it always seems to be on the floor.

Also did a little shopping at Old Navy, really love their bargins. Went to Trader Joe's for the usual snacks and orange chicken. Then went to our favorite ice cream place, they close during the winter and have just opened which makes me believe spring really is almost here. Then picked up some seafood for husband to grill on Saturday night - the usual salmon and shrimp and he did an outstanding job.

I finished the book I was reading - Little Bitty Lies, that was such a good book. I recommend everyone reading it. I'm not a very good book reviewer so I'll just say read it, it's good!

I went to the jewelry party yesterday but didn't buy anything. It was all some type of silver, some pieces had different stones or beads on it and some was just plain earrings or rings. Some of it was pretty just not my style and I hate to spend a lot of money on something that I don't love! I'm really a gold jewelry person so that was my excuse for not buying anything.


rpm said...

I don't feel like I can write a book review either. I just say whether I like it or not. I look at the weather channel sometimes to see how cold you guys are up there! I hope your spring gets on its way now. When you all start feeling nice, we'll be sweating. I don't care for jewelry parties either. I'll send you some seafood nachos if you send me a lobster roll!

girlville said...

i'm glad you finished your 'to-do' list! could you please send your husband and son down to wash my car?? i got some of the trader joe's orange chicken at your suggestion but haven't made it yet. i'm SO glad you like the mary kay andrews book! they are all just as good as that one. i don't like jewelry parties either. i pretty much have a rotation of 3 pairs of earrings that i wear. hope it stays warm enough for you to get outside some this week!

AM said...

I wear the same silver hoop earrings Every Single Day. Boring, but at least Im wearing earrings right?

I love Old Navy too!!!

Coco said...

Oh I love Old Navy, too! They have great deals. You'll see something for like $12.99 and go to the register...and it rings up 9.99....I love that! Glad you got everything done :)