Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snow pics

What a mess yesterday made, we ended up with 10 inches of snow, way too much for me. This is after we shoveled (I forgot to take a before pic) this morning. To the left of the truck is where I park my car but because of the snow I put it in the garage - no telling when the snow will melt enough for me to park there. Can I just say again that I hate snow and can't wait to be wearing my flip flops.
S shoveling the walkway.
Ice on the tree.


rpm said...

Wow! Can I see why you don't like that snow. Poor S has his work cut out for him up there! But I guess you have a hard winter and have a beautiful summer! Sorry I missed your call yesterday...I will try to call you tomorrow (Sunday).

Magnolia Sun said...

I actually shoveled more than him today but we make a good team when dads not home.

girlville said...

i feel for you with the snow - i don't like it either. luckily we don't get much here at all. move south and soon!! in the meantime just think what good exercise the shoveling is - your arms will be in great shape for sleeveless shirt weather!