Monday, March 5, 2007


Well I've been waiting for my husband to download pictures from S's birthday and the hockey game. I'm still waiting! He has a new camera that I'm not allowed to touch so whenever he gets them downloaded I'll post.

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend, we didn't do anything except the usual errands. Husband almost took his bike (motorcycle) for a ride. During the winter he doesn't take it out but he was tempted this weekend. There is still so much salt and sand on the roads he didn't want to get it in the bike, especially the salt. I don't like to ride until the temps warm up, at least 80 degrees! We use to have a lot of fun riding in Hawaii and Vegas and could do so almost anytime of the year. I'll have to find some pictures of us to post.


rpm said...

I'm looking forward to S's birthday pictures. I'd love to see more pictures of y'all in Hawaii!

Pugalicious said...

LOL its the other way around at our place. I do all the picture taking and downloading, however if my husband showed interest I would let him, I would never deny him