Sunday, March 25, 2007

City Sights

Yesterday I had to go into the city to pick my husband up from the airport and tried to get some pictures - these aren't very good because I'm driving down the interstate. My brother wanted me to take more pictures of my surroundings so here you go.
I tried to get a shot of the skyline but because I was driving I couldn't zoom in.
approaching the city
the Tobin or Zakim bridge - not sure why it has two names
entering the tunnel which runs all under the city and also leads to the airport
leaving the airport area
paying the toll - $3.00 every time you leave the airport!
area right outside the airport.


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

I Love that City! it is neat to see pictures that I am familiar with....We were very close to you today...I wished I told you so we could of met up!

Magnolia Sun said...

I would love to meet up somewhere, let me know when you are going to be in town next time.

rpm said...

I love seeing the pictures of the city, too. Looks like a pretty and sunny day!

girlville said...

pretty city scenes. i would have wrecked the car taking pics and driving - i'm not that coordinated!

Anonymous said...

You alwayz tell me not to talk on teh phone when im driving, and there you are taking pictures in the 5:00 traffic..haha

Magnolia Sun said...

OK C you have a point.