Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cookware and dinner

About a year ago we bought a really nice set of stainless steel cookware, for some reason we never use it, we always reach for the old stuff. I think we are afraid of messing it up. The other day we ordered some new frying pans from QVC again not using our good stuff.
Husband grilled some salmon and fish tonight. As always really good.
He also cooked some shrimp (using new frying pan).


rpm said...

Hello to that fish and shrimp!!! What do y'all put on that fish? And where do you get that shrimp? Is it fresh or frozen? It looks so good.

I need new cookware so much. I keep putting it off. Show me a piece of your new stuff that you are avoiding using.

pugpug said...

Yum, I think it takes me a little under 2 hours to get to your house...Keep it warm, I am on my way!
Hello Shrimp!
Lisa AKA Willow&Belles Mom

Magnolia Sun said...

We get the seafood at a local grocery in the seafood section, it's not frozen when we get but I think they freeze it first (it looks and taste really fresh). Husband puts a little olive oil, lemon, pepper and not sure what else on shrimp and fish.

Lisa come on over!

girlville said...

um, that fish looks SO delicious!! you are lucky your husband cooks.