Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is a picture I made this morning right outside my office. (Sandy is always wanting me to take pictures). I work in a really small town and our office is behind a bank. I love looking out my window, I've worked in places where I never got to see outside. Although the view is not really anything but houses at least I can tell what the weather is doing throughout the day.


rpm said...

That is soooo pretty. All white like that. Are those OLD houses across there with the black shutters? I am always thinking of old colonial-looking homes when I think of where you are living.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Nice that you get to work in a small area with such a great view. It looks as if you are tucked away in a quiet neighborhood.

Magnolia Sun said...

They are very old houses, the one with the shutters is a real estate office.

We are in a neighborhood but that seems to be the norm around here with all the little townships.