Thursday, January 4, 2007

My neighbors and I were discussing the amount we spend on groceries each month and between the three of us it varied greatly. One neighbor spends $1200 (INSANE) a month (family of 4) children ages 2 and 4 yrs old. The other neighbor spends between $250-300 per month (family of 4) children ages 6 and 8 yrs old. I spend around $500 and it is 3 of us (my son is 13). So we started talking about ways to help the $1200 neighbor cut her grocery bill and various recipes. So I thought I’d ask ya’ll for some cheap but healthy ideas. The $1200 neighbor does admit to buying prepared foods for the sake of time.

My husband grills out almost every night and I cook the vegetables/sides. I love our routine because he cooks so much better than I do. We eat a lot of chicken and try to eat fish at least once a week. I have to tell you my husband grills a mean salmon, better than any restaurant I’ve tasted.

I would love any suggestions on recipes and ways to cut the grocery bill.


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

OH MY this is something I cringe about! On average I spend $200.00 to $280.00 a WEEK on groceries. UGH? I can't figure it out.. we still go to the store through out the week to get Milk and other things we run out of? I try to buy things that will make good left overs like Lasagne's, stews, ect...but we are big on Veggies and I think the produce is one of the most expensive things i buy each week..fresh Veggies... and Laundry detergent and paper goods are pricey too....I always say I am going to use coupons but I never do! I do all my shopping on Monday because I used to do it on Fridays and the kids and their friends would eat everything all weekend and there would be nothing left for Lunch bags on Monday morning.. so Monday is shopping day, cleaning out the fridge day and we always get take out Mondays? even after I drop 250+ at the grocery store...why? because I worked all day...I go shopping after work..clean out the dinner is the last thing I want to Pizza or Chinese works for me!

rpm said...

Yummy for that salmon your husband cooks! I must have some whenever you move closer to here...SOME DAY. I just don't have a thing for vegetables but it must be nice that your husband grills and you get to do the sidedishes....I would like that. I like starchy veggies...go figure! I bet I spend $100 a week or more on groceries and I hardly ever have to cook because my husband eats out for lunch every day just about and doesn't want much at he's so picky it's no fun to cook for him...thank goodness he doesn't care.

Magnolia Sun said...

Lisa - Prices up here are a lot more expensive than anywhere we've lived so I think it's easy to spend a lot on nothing.

RPM you will love husbands cooking - one day!