Friday, January 26, 2007


This morning was soooooooo cold, this is a picture of the temp in my car before work, 5 degrees with the wind chill it was -15 degrees.

I'm very proud of my dad, one of his photos was selected for the on line version of National Geographic click here to view his photo.


rpm said...

MY OH MY....that is too cold for words. I saw your weather pixie this morning said 9 degrees...I told Aunt Sue that it was 9 degrees where you are and it was at least that cold at Lisa's house...she was saying NO WAY! We can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

Oh to have 5 degrees :) ha ha ha, it was -25 with our windchill this morning, boo that :( ah well, canadians expect it ;) yay for driving a toyota by the way! my parents have been leasing from toyota for like 8 years now, they just switched up to an '07 camry se :) toyotas rock :) hope your not too cold, keep warm :)

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Yep it was CCCOOOLLLLDDD here was 1* with -22* hurt to be outside..I hate it when you jeans touch your legs...brrr...cold!
Do you have an automatic car starter to warm your car up before you get in? I had one in my last car...I miss it. I have a heated garage but brad has too much junk for me to park in it! So I make him start my car each morning and I wait about 20 before I get in then I know it is nice and warm. I am such a wimp in the

Magnolia Sun said...

Yes, I had an automatic starter put on when we got here, LOVE IT.