Saturday, December 16, 2006

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. If you look close you can see it has an ice skater in the center, it's also a music box and candle holder.

We've had our tree since the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so far so good. Last year the tree was much wider but I like this one too. (I've had that same bow on the top for about 8 years) I lucked out and found the perfect box to store it in.


rpm said...

I love your tree....if those flip-flops on the tree come up missing some day, don't come looking for me:) Where were you living when you got that bow? I see that "gator" snowman next the skating snowman rink!

Magnolia Sun said...

My boss gave me the flip flops this year. We wore them almost every day to work during the spring and summer. My neighbor in Hawaii made that bow for me. I can't believe it's lasted so long.

Anonymous said...

your tree is so Pretty! Your Paint on your walls is alot like my bed room wall color!
Did your Father take that photo on the wall if the Palm blowing in the wind? Very nice~


Magnolia Sun said...

Lisa - No my dad didn't take that picture. I love the wall color too, it makes the room feel so cozy.