Thursday, December 14, 2006

I wasn't tagged but copied this from another site.

Best Friend? SK
Cake or Pie? Both
Drink Of Choice? Diet Coke
Essential Item You Use Everyday? car
Favorite Color? shades of pink, blue, green
Gummy Bears Or Worms? gummy bears
Home or Homesick? Yes!
Indulgence? having my nails done
January Or February? Doesn't matter they seem to be the same
Kids? 2 boys
Life Is Incomplete Without? Family
Marriage date? 16 years in April
Number Of Siblings? 1 brother
Oranges Or Apples? Both
Phobias/Fears? Something happening to my family
Reason to Smile? I wake up every day
Season? Summer
Vegetable you don’t like? I think I like them all
Worst Habit? smoking but I quit 10 years ago
X-rays You’ve Had? nothing in the past few years
Your Favorite Food? pizza and seafood
Zodiac Sign? Aries


sandy said...

Yeah!!! If you want to call me I might can go over some of the link thing with you. I don't use the new beta blogger so it might not be the same... I like the picture of the magnolia...Your daddy takes the best pictures!

pugpug said...

Welcome to the Blogging world! I have gotten very Close to your friend are very lucky yo have such a wonderful person in your life. I look foward to reading your daily antics and thoughts. I will stop back in for another visit!

pugpug said...

strange that my name came up as pugpug? this is Lisa from Willowbelle. Just in case you are trying to figure out who left you that last comment...

sandy said...

JS...Alfredsmom wanted to leave a comment but there is a setting you have to click on to let people that do not use Blogger be able to leave a comment. I think it's under settings and then comments and then Can anyone comment?? Mark least that's how it is on my blogger account. But since you are using the beta version, I don't know if that's different.

Magnolia Sun said...

Lisa - Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy reading your blog too.

Sandy - I reset the option for allowing other people to leave comments. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I can see why! What an amazing photo! it is such a relaxing photo.
Lisa From Willowbelle

Anonymous said...

Welcome....we love SK too! Look forward to reading your blog.

aka Punchy